A Morning Jog Could Help You Loose Weight

HaveMatWillTri.com: Morning jog to lose weight

A recent study by Northwestern University found that people who had more exposure to morning light were leaner, with lower BMIs. The study recommended that people should get sunlight between 8am and noon, with earlier being better. Now, combine this with a British study published in 2012 that said exercising before breakfast helps people burn more body fat, and it sounds like we have a pretty firm recommendation for that early morning jog. The Glasgow … Continue reading

Walking, Running, and Cycling in London

HaveMatWillTri.com: Cycling in London

I just got back from an awesome trip to England. Actually, let me rephrase: a lovely holiday in England. As usual, I went prepared with running shoes. Now, I will be utterly honest: I didn’t run. Never fear! That doesn’t mean I wasn’t glad to have my shoes. I mapped my day’s walk, and after walking the British Museum on my first day, I took a long self-guided tour of London and Westminster. I covered … Continue reading

Marry a Runner, Have Active Children

HaveMatWillTri.com: Marry a Runner, Have Active Children

I am continuing Monday’s post about how an individual’s activity levels influence the activity levels of the family. In this case, I am reflecting on the BBC News article “Activity levels in mums and children ‘directly linked’”. (http://www.bbc.com/news/health-26679906) This article kept to the studies findings by saying that activity level was linked to children’s activity levels, but they couldn’t explain the causal relationship. While they can’t, I sure can, at least when we are discussing … Continue reading

Marry a Runner for Heart Health

HaveMatWillTri.com: Marry a Runner for Heart Health

The New York Times recently published an article about how running effects the heart. A while back, some scary studies were published saying that too much running could cause scar tissue on the heart. This is scary stuff for the long-distance runner who feels he or she is healthier than most. I’m sure it caused a lot of people to rethink their distances and goals. But this new study negates that. Yes, runners can have … Continue reading

Why You Should Lift Weights Before Cardio

HaveMatWillTri.com: Lift weights before doing cardio for better recovery

A new study suggests that previous workout advice is in error, we should be doing our strength training before our cardio. As a fitness instructor, I’ve watched the standard of a workout be a cardio routine followed by the strength training portion of class. I have also watched people moving from the treadmill to the weights. But according to a new study, the order may need to be reversed. This study by a university in … Continue reading

The United States of Corn

HaveMatWillTri.com: How our grains stack up

I was impressed by the exhibit that showed the grains we eat in the U.S. versus the rest of the world while I was visiting Heifer Village at Heifer International in Little, Rock, AR,. Do you know what that picture is showing is top for the U.S.? Yes, corn. This should be unsurprising considering we also feed our livestock corn. Cows meant to eat grass…eat corn. Pigs eat corn. We even feed corn to farm … Continue reading

Getting Friendly with Heifers

HaveMatWillTri.com: Free fun for all ages at Heifer Village

Last week, I got to visit one of my favorite charities, Heifer International, at one of their free educational facilities called Heifer Village. It was great for all ages. I urge you to visit one if you get the chance. You do not have to donate to visit and learn. Actually, there are no cows there. No live animals at all. But they do have exhibits meant to educate and inspire ways to end world … Continue reading

A Necessary Article for Women Athletes

HaveMatWillTri.com: Necessary tips for women athletes

Men be forewarned. This article is for women only. One of the biggest things that women have to think about when planning races, especially triathlons, that men do not have to deal with is periods. It is less of a problem for runnings races such as marathons because one quick potty break should take care of it (a woman may just have to figure out exactly where that porta-potty break will be). But for triathlons, … Continue reading