Not a Dr. Oz Fan, But…


I’m not a Dr. Oz fan. It probably started when he sounded like a mouthpiece for the AMA trying to scare everyone about the dangers of raw milk. He talked about the dangers without talking about the problems of pasteurized milk and why raw milk is supposed to be healthier. He also didn’t concede that raw milk producers who are licensed by the state have to go through a lot more testing and keep cleaner … Continue reading

Glow Run: A family motivator


A glow run is a great way to motivate the family to move. My family just did a night-time 5k glow run. It gave the children a reason to run 3 miles. My older child is 7, and my younger turned 6 just before the race. We started training about 5 weeks before the race date. The first week, the kids ran 1.5 miles. The next week 2 miles. Then, we increased gradually after that. They … Continue reading

Allergies: Genetic or Environment? Where do allergies come from?

Where do allergies come from? New studies have some answers… My husband only recently developed environmental allergies. He blames it on me, calling them sympathy allergies, kind of like sympathy pregnancy pains & cravings. Well, we know that isn’t true (his are developed over time to allergen exposure), but I have considered the fact that I have a lot of allergies, a reason that my son has allergies, especially food allergies. Researchers have found that … Continue reading

My Nutrition Kryptonite My Kryptonite

We all have a kryptonite, something that weakens our otherwise strong-willed decision making. For me, it is cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies. I must eat them when put in front of me. If they are in my house, they will not be for long. A lot of the time, I purposefully buy other kinds of dessert: ice cream, puddings, pies, and cakes. These desserts are no temptation for me. I can easily give them to … Continue reading

Train Like a Man How to lift weights for women

Too many women fall for the myth of strength training: that men and women should lift weights differently. It isn’t true. I don’t care if you aerobic instructor who got her training back in the 80s says so. A lot of instructors, yoga or aerobic, just repeat things they have heard other instructors say without any real back-up. Women gain strength in the same way that men do: by gradually lifting more weight. Some women … Continue reading

How 30 seconds Can Change Your Life


IMG_3154 30 seconds, that is all it takes to take huge steps towards a healthier you. That is several recent studies have shown. While this might all seem like hype for the HIIT, high-intensity classes, out there, it is not. You can do it even if all you do otherwise is walk. The new studies have shown that a 30s burst of activity, of vigorous exercise going as fast as you can, can lead to … Continue reading

Preventing Alzheimer’s Preventing Alzheimer's

You can reduce the chances that you will Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is not all due to chance and heredity. Check out the areas that you can work on to reduce your risks by up to 30% (according to this BBC article): Diabetes Mid-life hypertension Mid-life obesity Physical inactivity Depression Smoking Low educational attainment Except for the last 2, all correspond to diet/nutrition & exercise. Diabetes- exercise helps MORE than food in leveling off blood … Continue reading

Why You Should Be Taking the Stairs Make staircases pretty and prominent to make people healthier

When you walk in a building, which is prominent and apparent to take: the elevator or the stairs? If it is a newer building, likely the fancy bank of elevators. (Let’s leave out buildings with escalators.) Now, let me admit, I always prefer stairs. I need to weighed down with children or luggage or be going more than 3 flights to use the elevator instead. So, I was very happy to read NPR’s article, One … Continue reading