A Beach Inspired Yoga Practice

HaveMatWillTri.com: Beach Inspired Yoga

Some poses to practice at the beach or when you want to think about the beach. 1. Bridge: You cross the bridge to get to the beach 2. Boat (the real name is Bow, boat is an ab pose, but go with the flow, this is an informal routine): Take a boat ride along the beach 3. Dolphin: See a dolphin in the water 4. Dive In: Do a straight-in dive (aka Headstand) into the … Continue reading

Why You Get Shorter Everyday and How to Stop It

HaveMatWillTri.com: Why you get shorter every day

Have you ever measured yourself in the morning when you get out of bed and again before you go to bed? If not, give it a try; you might be surprised. We recently did this with my son, and although I knew it occurred, even I was surprised by how much a difference it made. My children lost 1/3 inch over the day, but my husband and I lost 3/4 inch. This lost height is … Continue reading

Is Trail Running for You?

HaveMatWillTri.com: Trail Running

Continuing last week’s post from my husband about trail running: Many people often ask me if I enjoy one more than the other when I compare road and trail running and racing.  I really have enjoyed both road and trails based on their convenience and benefits.  Here are some of my thoughts on how these compare and contrast: Trail running is mostly on dirt and occasionally on grass.  This offers a soft and low impact … Continue reading

Take on the Trail


My husband is continuing to guest post for me. This week he is talking about trail running, most of which he has done as part of his ultra-marathons. And we thought is was cute that they published a photo of him as proof of International Competitors. He might be from India, but he traveled only 50 miles for this race. Traditionally, road running and trail running attracts different types of people.  Road running attracts the … Continue reading

Recipe for Helping Your Muscles & Blood


Beets are one of the super foods that you have been overlooking. Honestly, for the longest time, I refused to eat them too–disliking them in their raw form. But like the Belkin team in the Tour de France, I am on board now for eating beets regularly. But wait! I’ve got a recipe to share on how to make them more palatable. Meanwhile, check out how they can help: Nitrates in them help the muscles … Continue reading

Reasons to Keep Eating Chocolate


You have heard that dark chocolate is better for you than white or milk chocolate, but did you know why? Recent research is starting to provide us with answers. 1. Helps with blood flow: There are certain compounds in chocolate called polyphenols that blood vessels to dilate, subsequently, it may help with blood pressure problems 2. Serves as a pre-biotic: Probiotics are well known as the good bugs in our belly that help us digest foods. … Continue reading

When it is Okay to Borrow Your Neighbor’s Wife

HaveMatWillTri.com: Wife Carrying Contest

It is okay to borrow your neighbor’s wife if you want to carry her in a race. Yes, you read that right–it doesn’t even have to be your own wife. It is in the rules for the World Wife Carrying Championships held in Finland. I came across an article describing this race, and I just had to share. The race is only approx. 250 meters long. There are two obstacles. And another rule: all participants … Continue reading

Running the Athens Marathon

HaveMatWillTri.com: Running the Greece Marathon

A couple of years ago, my family stopped over in Greece to let my husband run THE marathon–Athens. Here is the experience in his words: why, how, and tips. (The kids and I visited the Acropolis museum and very friendly children’s museum while waiting on him. Then we met him at the stadium!) According to legend, the very first marathon in the world appeared on the route where the present day Athens Classic Marathon takes place. … Continue reading