Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park, City of Tallahassee


I am grateful to the Phipps family for creation of this Tallahassee park. One measure of a good park to me is the ability to choose where to go with multiple paths. If only one path exists, or it is too short, then eventually, that feeling of discovery goes away. Multiple paths helps to open up an area and make it seem more expansive, although at 600 acres, the park is pretty expansive to begin with.IMG_4971

Phipps park is set up for mountain biking, equestrian trails, and hiking. The equestrian trails even have jumps for the horses. There are destinations such as the bat house that make for an interesting walk to somewhere.

There are many ways to get into the park. 2 are from Millers Landing, 2 from Forest Meadows Athletic Facility (either side of the facility, although one technically goes through the soccer field parking), and the Soccer Complex accesses. Now, I just wish that some other landowners would allow the public to reach the park from the Pine Tip Hills area so that we wouldn’t need to get in cars to reach a park that is technically only .25 miles away.

HaveMatWillTri.com: Phipps Park TrailMy favorite walk is along Coon Bottom, Big Tree Cutoff, and Creek Forest. You can connect to these from the parking lot behind the soccer complex off Meridian road. If you just do these (without venturing off), it is approximately 3-4 mile loop. It is a great one for children (although probably not toddlers) because it has running creek water and bridges like balance beams.

My one caution with Phipps park is to keep your phone handy. The talgov park website is very good to help you locate where you are on the trails, but the map and signs are confusing and difficult to read. I have been lost and gone the wrong way multiple times. Colored map routes that match the colored blazes on trees would be much easier to read!

I look forward to your replies and comments