Food Allergies & Children: Will they outgrow them?


A review of recent literature Will children outgrow food allergy?

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8% of children have food allergies

40% have a history of severe reactions

Milk is the #1 food allergy

  • Only ½ of these show up in testing
  • Asian and black children are ½ as white children to develop a milk allergy
  • 70% of children will outgrow, most by age 5 (although some up to age 16)

Egg is the #2 food allergy

  • Most children (55%) outgrow by age 10, 70% by age 16
  • Studies have clearly shown that children are able to tolerate well cooked eggs (especially in cakes, etc) before raw egg

Peanut & Shellfish allergies are less likely to be outgrown (approx. 20%)

* Allergy tests can help find food allergies, but only food challenge or a clear history of reaction can confirm

Oral immunotherapy has shown higher recovery rates than elimination diet alone

  • Those with multiple food allergies or severe reactions are less likely to recover
  • Those with peanut and fish allergies are less likely to recover
  • Probiotics have also been shown to help modulate allergies, but further studies are needed to determine exact treatment



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