Great Ways to Stay in Shape on a Florida Vacation


Trips to Florida inspire me to run, do yoga, and exercise. I hope to inspire you too over the next few weeks.

First, you might look back at my posts on the Destin area.

Now, let’s look at a trip to Disney or Legoland. One of the first ways to be inspired to exercise at Disney is to sign up for the Disney half- or full marathon. I have heard it is a lot of fun, and unlike traveling for other races, you family stays happy too. Anyone want to comment or blog about their experience here? Let me know.

I was also pretty impressed that Disney has a webpage devoted to jogging trails (click here for the link). But if your family is like mine, you probably won’t get a run in on a day that you are going to a theme park. If your family is sleepier than mine, than you may get lucky. Another option at Downtown Disney is the runs put on by the store Fit2Run. There was a board with training schedules listed at their store. Great places to run in FloridaLegoland is much more isolated. We ended up staying in Lakeland, Fl., 30 minutes away. It seemed like a very quiet downtown, and we expected to wake up and leave. Instead, we were surprised with the revitalization seeming to go on there. We ran into the Saturday morning running group (5k distance) finishing up at the Black & Brew Coffee House. Lakeland, Fl healthy optionsThen, we saw a group practicing yoga along Lake Mirror, a peaceful, art deco lake in the town with swans floating around. From there, we were able to take a stroll through the farmers market on the other side of the main square. (FYI- the farmer’s market closes for the month of August, being considered too hot). Lakeland, FlIf you go, check out my favorite, Down2Earth, where there are bags, wallets, and baby clothes that come in lots of cute prints. They are made of eco-friendly fabrics too. I couldn’t resist the otters, but the sharks were even cute (and it is hard for me to think sharks and alligators are cute!).

Next week, I’ll talk about the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.


I look forward to your replies and comments