Make Your City Healthier

Share Make Your City Healthier ProjectEvery semester, my fitness and health students complete a project that projects onto real life. This fall, their project was to pretend that I was the city council or parks board and write a project proposal or grant proposal on something that would make their city healthier. I tell them to be specific and efficient with any money.

Two of my favorites this semester require very little money investment for the potential impact–that often means it is a very doable project.

1. Cooking Class at a Church: This student said that if she talked to the minister at her church, she felt sure that he would allow her to use the church’s kitchen to give free cooking classes. She wanted to teach her community how to make Soul Food in a healthier way. Only investment: her time and a little on the food.

2. Farmers Market held in unused building: This student wanted to use the town’s Rodeo building for a farmers market because there wasn’t one around although she thought there were plenty of local producers around. The building goes unused for a good portion of the year, so again, she thought that the city might agree.

Other ideas included: add exercise equipment to a local park, repair the local park, create after-school running/fitness clubs, add a roller rink to a park (this is Texas- ice skating doesn’t last very long).

My call out to my students is to PLEASE get out and do these projects. Your community and city and all of us will benefit.

I look forward to your replies and comments