Swim, Walk, Om


I’ve been off the blog for a long time! Despite constant exercise, somewhere between a move, house remodeling (yes- me and power tools), and training for a tri, I ruptured a disc in my lower back. Ugh! I have a lot more sympathy for back injuries going forward.

From Spineuniverse.netNo triathlons or running for me for a while, but I finally have been allowed back to swimming and walking. (And I’ve joked with my physical therapist that I’m going to make a zumba-style exercise video with only physical therapy exercises, only it will likely be to Bollywood or Bhangra music.)

With the walking, I have been exploring parks in this Garden of Eden that I live nearby–that is Northern Florida (Often called the Big Bend area of Florida). For several months, I was able to visit a different park every week. In fact, one weekend, my family visited 3 different parks: one city, one state, and one national.

From wikimedia.comI have come to feel that this area is a hidden gem. If the right people knew, people would flock here as they do to Colorado. On the other hand, it has been difficult to gather all the information in one place because no site seems to capture all the areas within a days drive. I don’t promise to be comprehensive, but I will try to give an overview of some of the wonderful opportunities in this part of the world.

I look forward to your replies and comments