The Barre

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It has been a while since I posted. What have I been up to? Well, I’ve been getting ready to move. While I have been ready to pack, I have still exercised but it is taking me extra motivation. That motivation has come in taking a variety of classes at different locations.

Two of the places I have tried is Pure Barre and Define (Define Body class). Both are exercises that use a ballet barre. These classes are combinations of ballet, pilates, and yoga. There isn’t much cardio; however, I think if you took heart rates, you would get a mild cardio workout for at least thirty minutes (based on my own experience, it would drop too low to be considered cardio once you sit on the floor).

The two locations were very different in appearance but surprisingly similar in practice. They start with a warm up of walking in place (except more dancer like), weights for the upper body, deep squat/barre exercises for the legs, and lastly, ab work.

Based on my experience and speaking with other clients, Pure Barre had a much more defined sequence. The people at Define seem to vary the exercises slightly more. And this may not be the case elsewhere in the country, but Pure Barre had a dark, moody dance studio feel; whereas, Define had a bright room in front of the building with barres set in the middle of the floor as well as the sides. (But Define did also have a dark and moody cycle/revolution studio.)

Both classes gave me shake inducing strengthening (more muscular endurance than muscular strength which I have been recently focusing on). So, I would recommend these classes for someone who has been doing traditional weights and wants to get the connecting muscles to the ones you normally work–you know, those places that you say, “I’m feeling muscles I didn’t know I had.”

Oh, and it is fun to say that you are going to “The Barre” in the morning.

I look forward to your replies and comments