The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

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The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick is written by Gene Stone. It is an easy, fun read although if you are already knowledgeable about healthy habits, then it may contain much new material. For example, exercise was one of the top secrets listed and includes running, lifting weights, yoga, and stretching. A few others that I completely agree with are PH balance (eating a low-acid diet), taking probiotics, and doing detoxes. Even garlic and  chicken soup made the list.

Another one that you might know a bit about is napping. But did you know that there is an optimal time? The author says 1-3 hours, with 90 minutes being perfect because balancing the stages of sleep. Stone cites a study that says people who napped 90 minutes scored better on a test, but those who did night-cramming decreased their ability to learn by 40% because areas of the brain shut down. Warn those college students!

I had seen nutritional yeast mentioned in recipes before, but I don’t think I had seen the nutritional benefits laid out: low in fat, starch, and sugar because it is mostly protein. It is contains B vitamins and trace minerals.

Some others for me to mention although I kind of took these with a shrug because while they might be true, achieving them is not as simple a prescription: see friends, spirituality, less stress, and a positive attitude.

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