Thursday’s Thoughts: New App for Food Allergies


A fellow mom & allergy blogger has started a new app for iPhone and iPad (Android version is not yet ready). It is called NoshedIt. It is meant to be a place for families with food sensitivities to share their reviews and experiences with restaurants- Did the restaurant have options? Did they seem responsive to food allergies and requests? Was the food good? Check out the free download from iTunes  here. Let’s help out others with food sensitivities. New food allergy app for iPhone & iPad

Also in the same idea, I wonder what ya’ll think about this article titled: Get Rid of Tipping? Those with food allergies will suffer. I have often felt that we should pay waiters a living wage instead of relying on tips, but I understand the point this blogger makes. However, I think that good management and training is what is most needed to change the way waiters treat food allergies. Most of the time, I feel errors are made simply because waiters may not have the same understanding of what these allergens are. Even my husband often has to ask me if an item typically has dairy or egg in it- it is confusing for the world (those of us reading the labels just get used to it).

On just a side, fun note: I know I am about 7 months behind the news with this one, but I just came across it on Tumblr and had to share: Missy Franklin’s backstroke drill with a bottle on her head.


I look forward to your replies and comments