Worlds Largest Kids Triathlon

Share World's Largest Kids TriathlonLast week, my son raced in what is now being claimed to be the world’s largest kids triathlon. The Houston Kids Tri had over 2,100 registered and 1,958 finishers.

We were thrilled that our school had 90 children register, honestly almost entirely due to the efforts of one parent, Becky from She started our school’s tri club last year. This year another local school followed her lead and we were out-registered. But that is nothing to be sad about! In fact, it is great! We’ve got more kids being active, learning about triathlons, and raising money for their schools (the Houston tri gives $10 of registration back to the school). Kids Triathlon ClubThis year, our school made rash guards for the kids. This was great because whenever we saw a bright green shirt go by, we could cheer for our school. Others made t-shirts you could see before and after, but the rash guards were really successful.

Last year, my husband and I trained my son. This year, he went to a 6 week training put on by the YMCA and one day with his school. In fact, I was blown away by his practice. At the YMCA, he would go to swim training for 1 hour, followed by the cycle/running training for another hour.

One of the things I noticed from students racing for the first time is that they need the most help with transitions and what to do when there are a lot of people. I will post some hints for good kids triathlon training next week!

I look forward to your replies and comments